O201B Kenji Yasuoka, Professor

Global Environmental System Leaders Program

The development of strong global leaders for environmental science & technology development, and social-rule planning

Kenji Yasuoka, Professor
泰岡 顕治 (理工学部教授)


This program is designed for students in graduate schools of science and technology and of media and governance, aiming at fostering PhD holders who solve actual environmental issues with abilities of science and technology and social-rule planning. Students conduct major research supervised by professors of student's graduate school, sub-major research supervised by professors of other graduate school, and international training supervised by overseas supervisors. K2 campus is utilized for research activities including students' exercises, collaborative work by both graduate school students, and joint research with foreign researchers. The picture shown here is an exercise with a numerical simulator for optimized locations of plug-in stations for electric vehicles, where major roads in Sikoku area have been covered in the simulator.


Kenji Yasuoka, Professor
Kenji Yasuoka, Professor
泰岡 顕治 (理工学部教授)
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Major: School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems
Title: Professor

Research field keywords:・Creating synergetic values by connecting societal rules and technological mechanisms ・Responding to gradual and rapid environmental changes ・Integrating information space and real space

1997/3 Ph.D. course of Graduate School of Nagoya University
1997/3 Ph.D. in Engineering (Nagoya University)
1997/4 Special Postdoctoral Researcher (Riken)
1998/4 Research Associate, Keio University
2000/4 Assistant Professor, Keio University
2004/4 Associate Professor, Keio University
2010/4~present Professor, Keio University