I101 Takahiro Nozaki, Associate Professor

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Development of core robot technologies and its practical applications

New systems enabled by advanced control of energy

Takahiro Nozaki, Associate Professor
野崎 貴裕 (理工学部准教授)


Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Robotics


Power Electronics/Robotics/Motion Control/Artificial Intelligence/Medical-Engineering Collaboration


Our research group is working on the development of new systems by controlling the flow of energy, based on the fundamental studies of electrical engineering, control engineering, and robotics. We are developing new motor drivers, force sensors, and actuators, and conducting research on a wide range of electricity-related systems, including medical devices, tele-operated robots, wireless power supply, and electric airplanes.

Desired joint research


  • Development of systems using robots
  • Advanced motion control
  • Fluid control using high voltage

Cooperation image

  • Automation and labor saving of manual work by using robots
  • Development of tele-operation systems
  • Quantification of expert skills
  • Acquisition of physical properties of various objects such as mechanical parts, soil, and organs
  • Advanced control of electric systems
  • Development of silent electric airplanes

Collaboration track record

Promotion of projects funded by NEDO, AMED, NARO, JST, JSPS, etc. Development of small motor drivers, highly functional heavy construction equipment, agricultural systems, etc. in collaboration with companies.


Takahiro Nozaki, Associate Professor
Takahiro Nozaki, Associate Professor
野崎 貴裕 (理工学部准教授)
Department: Department of System Design Engineering
Major: School of Integrated Design Engineering
Title: Assistant Professor

2023 – present Kanagawa Dental University, Project Associate Professor
2022 – present Keio University, School of Medicine, Research Student
2022 – present Keio University, Associate Professor (Tenure)
2019 – 2021 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Scientist
2018 – 2022 Keio University, Assistant Professor (Tenure)
2015 – 2018 Keio University, Assistant Professor
2014 – 2015 Yokohama National University, Assistant Professor

Research introduction video