《Environment suited to industry-academia-government collaboration》

As a hub for industry-academia-government collaboration, Shin-Kawasaki Frontier Research & Education Collaborative Square is an environment designed to facilitate cross-disciplinary research projects, involving both undergraduate and graduate schools, in collaboration with private companies and local government bodies.

《Activities focused on global implementation》

It is envisaged that the results of collaborative research and sponsored research, whether from the public or private sector, will be rolled out to the global community, leading to social benefits as well as to commercialization in partnership with private companies.

  • Strategic creation of collaborative research and sponsored research in industry, academia and government
  • Promotion of partnerships through presentations of research “seeds” and exchanges, and business matching
  • Support the creation of new businesses based on research results and the launch of ventures originating from the university
  • Encourage broad use of research results and organize seminars for social benefits
  • Dissemination of information on research results within Japan and internationally

《Disseminating information from local communities on a global scale》

Implementation of seminars and business networking events Present research results at domestic and international exhibitions and events