We are already now 15 years into the 21st century, a century for healing the earth and for life sciences. “Shin-Kawasaki (K² ) Town Campus,” established in 2000 by Keio University in partnership with Kawasaki City, is home to the Frontier Research & Education Collaborative Square. Keio University academics and researchers are currently engaged in a large number of research and development projects at the K² Town Campus. A feature of this R&D work is that much of the research is aimed at the industrialization or commercialization of cutting-edge technology with the potential to strongly impact social innovation.

K² Town Campus is an interdisciplinary campus, where academics, researchers, and graduate students from six of Keio University’s campuses participate in the research projects conducted there. In addition, the incubation facility adjacent to K² continues to develop as a science park, for example, with Kawasaki City setting up the Global Nano Micro Technology Business Incubation Center (NANOBIC), which includes a large cleanroom, in 2012. A large number of companies and research labs are congregating in the area, and the “Shin-Kawasaki Networking Council” is actively working to help forge collaborative ties between these players.

To revive the global environment, ensure the sustainability of humanity, and cultivate an energy-saving society, it is essential to both continue the exploration of pure learning within traditional disciplines, and stimulate a culture that integrates different sciences and arts, places importance on technology transfer, and leverages the power of local communities. In other words, in order to promote genuinely “high-quality research” whose results can be applied for the benefit of society at large, it is necessary for industry, academia, government, and local communities to work together and form partnerships that leverage their respective strengths. From this viewpoint, the expectations of K² Town Campus are high, and it is hoped that the campus will develop even further to meet these expectations. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Kawasaki City for its support in facilitating the collaborative efforts between industry, academia, government and the local community, and also to everyone else involved in the initiative. I sincerely hope that K² Town Campus continues to grow, evolve, and contribute significantly to society.

The Frontier Research & Education Collaborative Square is a future-oriented campus, dedicated to the pursuit of a wide range of activities, and focused on collaborative and cross-disciplinary research in line with the following three ideas.

Promotion of Frontier Research and Education

The research environment enables the transversal and holistic integration of various individual disciplines, cultivated under traditional research platforms in the faculties and graduate schools of each of Keio University’s campuses. Here, future-shaping, cutting-edge research in health and medical care, environment, energy, and robotics, is pursued.

Advancement of New Industries and New Businesses

By linking the various results generated by each research project to the resources and needs of companies and other organizations, new and innovative technologies and industries can be created. K² has already spawned a number of venture companies.

Contribution to Society and Local Communities

By organizing various events in partnership with Kawasaki City, such as open seminars for schoolchildren, the general public, and local companies, research results can be communicated to a broad audience to provide opportunities to learn about science and technology and to experience and enjoy their wonders.